Passionate musician performing piano, 'cello, flute, voice, choral conducting and harp.
Bringing beautiful melodies to life.

About Kirsty Griffiths

Kirsty Griffiths is a talented multi-instrumentalist with a Bachelor's degree in Music. Her passion for music has driven her to master various instruments and bring people together to share the joy of music.

With a diverse background in piano, 'cello, flute, voice, conducting and harp, Kirsty has honed her skills through rigorous training at prestigious music institutions. Her dedication and talent have earned her recognition in the music community.

Kirsty's Journey

Mezzo Soprano

As a mezzo-soprano, Kirsty has toured Myanmar, Tunisia, Japan, China and South Korea (including concerts for peace and unification in the DMZ) and performed “Blue Flower Songs” at the Montreux Jazz Festival. She has sung for Prince Hassan of Jordan, Princess Galyani Vadhana of Thailand, Ban-Ki Moon (former Secretary-General of the United Nations), Margaret Chan (Former Director General of the World Health Organization), Aung San Suu Kyi during the Myanmar Music festivals and also on the occasion of her 70th Birthday and performed harp for two Lebanese Presidents, President Saad-eddine Rafic Al-Hariri and President Michael Suleiman, on the occasion of the Memorial for Minister Basil Fuleihan.



After years of training to become a pianist and completing her Bachelors degree in music, Kirsty had a "non-classical" music rebellious stage called "Celtic music". She played fiddle, tin whistle, low whistle, flute and bodran in many an Irish pub, folk festivals, céili's, weddings and even posh hotels. Later, she would add the Celtic harp. With the help of Jeffrey Sacks, fellow musician, "Musicelta" was founded, starting a tradition of regular Celtic music sessions in France and Geneva, Switzerland.



Conductor of the United Nations Choir, Geneva, Switzerland

Kirsty started playing the harp as an adult, taught by Aurore Dumas. She hadn’t intended to be a harpist. Kirsty had saved up to buy a new car, was momentarily distracted by the beauty of this instrument leading her to visit a Camac exposition in Lyon and …. come home with a harp instead of a car (which was good as she eventually had to buy a car big enough to transport the harp). Incidentally, she still has her "old" car, a MK1 Golf cabriolet, now considered a classic car (it took her that long to save up for the bigger car ...).

Olympic weightlifting

Not an instrument, just wondering if you scrolled this far to see what Kirsty gets up to when she isn't doing music!

Violoncello was the first instrument for which Kirsty had music lessons, thanks to a school programme where she could study an instrument free for one year. She thoroughly loved this instrument, leading her to play as back desk 'cellist in the University of Wales Orchestra, the highlight of her performances being when she "faked" the majority of a Mahler symphony in St David's Hall - although her bow going the wrong direction to other 'cellists sometimes gave this away. Her only other claim to fame is playing 'cello alongside Rosamund Pike (actress), in school orchestra.

Piano was Kirsty's first love. A mostly self-taught pianist whose claim to fame was Brahms 2nd piano concert, studying it with Gyorgy Kukorelli in Hungary (Dmitri Bashkirov there at the same time). She took a 20+ year retirement until 2023 when she was given a beautiful Blüthner grand piano "on loan" (that's what the owner thinks, she thinks it's hers!). Kirsty regularly plays in a group of 4,6 and 8 hand piano pieces with François Creux and Pierre Maulini in Geneva.

Thanks to the Musique Municipale de Meyrin, where Kirsty played flute, she managed to study conducting at the Conservatoire de Lausanne at 14 years old. She considers herself a mediocre conductor, but somehow, the choir understands what she wants - possibly from facial expressions!